Introducing “Under-Performing Dollars” in VendorHawk: what you’re leaving on the table

What do you call unused software licenses midway through an annual software contract?

With Gartner projecting an typical savings of up to 30% on software license optimization efforts, those savings can’t be realized until renewal time. Hold on a minute: Why did you buy software licenses in the first place? Was it… possibly for end users to… actually use them?

Consider two software life-cycle scenarios:

  1. You’re eight weeks into a new software roll-out at your company. You realize end users aren’t adopting the product like you expected. You start questioning your decision about that vendor: “Is the vendor living up to the sales pitch they gave us?”
  2. You’re coming up for a big renewal with a software vendor. You realize that hardly anyone has used the product you sponsored to buy last year. It hits you: even with good intentions, you’ve just wasted company money on a product that didn’t deliver the value you said it would.

Get what you’re paying for
At VendorHawk we firmly believe you should be getting what you’re paying for. But many times, the opposite is true.

Whether you’re at the beginning, middle, or end of your agreement, it’s critical to know if users are getting value from these products. You bought these products to drive results: to move the needle towards that sales goal, to streamline that engineering process, or drive collaboration across several teams. But too often the dollars you spent are under-performing.

A simple definition might help us. Underperform: “to fail to do as well as expected.”

How do you find under-performing dollars?
You could always try to survey users to ask them what they think – bribing them with a treat, and hoping for an honest result. Admin portals vary greatly from good reporting to shoddy details. Essentially, there’s no great way to find out how well software is being used. Until now.

Using VendorHawk’s premium integrations with top SaaS vendors, you can quickly identify under-performing dollars across your user base. Seeing under-performing dollars tied to stale licenses helps you drive utilization at the beginning, middle, and end of your software agreements so you get the value you’re paying for. You can engage users to complete the roll-out. You can right-size your license scope. You’re finally in the know and in control.

With VendorHawk, you are empowered to make every dollar perform like you expect. Want to see the under-performing dollars sucking the life out of your budget?

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