VendorHawk + GoToMeeting: Understanding your Suite of Licenses

Today we’re proud to announce a robust integration with GoToMeeting. Managing suite-based applications like GoToMeeting can get complicated. You might be familiar with questions like:

  • How many GoToMeeting Pro licenses do we have? Or was that GoToMeeting Plus?
  • Did we get GoToWebinar in our subscription?
  • How many of my licenses are actually assigned?

It can be easy to forget how many licenses you’re paying for and using. And it’s even easier to be in the dark about whether employees are using their assigned licenses.

With VendorHawk’s integration to GoToMeeting, you can now answer all of these GoToMeeting questions. In one view, you can see in real-time:

  • Assigned & paid license counts across the whole GoToMeeting Suite.
  • Stale licenses you’re paying for aren’t recently used
  • Under-performing dollars taking into account the cost of the different license types

Already live in our product, VendorHawk and GoToMeeting customers enjoy a fresh new way to manage their licenses in real time, with the insights that drive results.

Does your company use GoToMeeting?

Demo the GoToMeeting Integration