IT Leaders: 10 Memes Tell a Story about Managing Software at Your Company

Let us tell you story about of managing SaaS vendors using 10 memes we’ve hand-crafted just for you.

Part 1: Your boss hands you an ultimatum:

Part 2: Your response:

Part 3: Your teammates say:

Part 4: You get the mandate from the top:

Part 5: The Jr. IT Admin’s bright idea…

Part 6: With no better options, you set-up the spreadsheet (after smacking the admin again)

Part 7: Meanwhile, you learn through the grapevine…

Part 8: The head of IT is thinking…

Part 9: In a meeting with finance:

Part 10: You head back to your desk, reality sets in.

Bad News?

This story carries lots of truth in what is happening in your business. Don’t believe me? Read this, or this.

Good News?

VendorHawk can help. Our product discovers software from your financials and manages utilization, renewals and planning to get more from your investment in SaaS tools.


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