VendorHawk Announces G2 Crowd Partnership

SEATTLE, February 15, 2018—We are very excited to announce VendorHawk’s newest integration with G2 Crowd. This partnership will strengthen our customer’s ability to find and categorize all of the SaaS vendors within their business, as most companies only have a limited view of which products are being used. Our continued goal is to create increased visibility into the amount of SaaS being used in the business and point customers to detailed user reviews, directly from VendorHawk’s platform.

“We chose to integrate with G2 Crowd because no other company collects and analyzes such a powerful set of crowdsourced user reviews,” said VendorHawk CEO Patrick Lowndes. “Their team of more than 150—led by an impressive leadership team—have built an impressive, customer-driven dataset which will now power the VendorHawk customer experience,” said Lowndes.

VendorHawk + G2Crowd: How it works

VendorHawk CTO Brian Geihsler said, “With G2 Crowd, we’re creating a best-in-class discovery experience to cover more than 36,000 SaaS applications, giving our customers unprecedented visibility into their software portfolio. G2 Crowd’s data set will augment our own growing database of software vendors with a rich taxonomy, user ratings, and G2 Crowd profiles. When customers use VendorHawk to discover their SaaS applications, their G2 Crowd-powered experience will give them access to important details about their spend that they couldn’t previously know.”

Lowndes continued, “We’re most excited about this partnership because of how well our companies are aligned with the customer. We’re both committed to bringing customers the best data for visibility and providing insights that enable better decisions around SaaS spending. Discovering SaaS vendors and seeing reviews on those vendors is a powerful proposition for any SaaS-centric company.”

Brad Rosen, G2 Crowd’s Vice President of Partnerships, said, “This partnership is exciting because it will allow business software buyers to share and analyze user reviews as well as help them improve their SaaS Vendor Management. VendorHawk’s work to build their own dataset of app utilization and spend insights align well with our vision for bringing transparency to the business software purchasing process.”

We believe customers should have full visibility into their company’s SaaS stack. With this partnership, we are more fully realizing that vision.


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Bryan Blackburn

Marketing Communications Manager


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