Discover SaaS Vendors & Spend, Uncover Shadow IT

Wouldn’t it be nice to discover SaaS and software across your business? The SaaS buying model gives employees the ability to instantly purchase and use software without the perceived barriers that IT or Procurement introduce. Anyone with a credit card can purchase SaaS applications, leaving you with limited visibility into software sprawl across the company. Software sprawl creates Shadow IT, which typically leads to:

Wasted Budget: When employees make purchases without consulting IT or Procurement, the primary budget stakeholders are not involved. These purchases create a growing list of duplicate and redundant software that wastes budget. VendorHawk customers find on average between 50%-150% more SaaS apps than previously known after discovering SaaS and Software with VendorHawk.

VendorHawk SaaS Budget Wasted

Security & Compliance Risks: Shadow IT creates major security risks to your business. When customer data, intellectual property, confidentiality agreements, and other sensitive information are stored in non-sanctioned apps, you are asking for security troubles.

VendorHawk Security and Compliance

Discover SaaS & Software Vendors

VendorHawk Discovery give you a real-time record of all the software in your company. VendorHawk securely connects to your financial & expense systems to identify and consolidate all SaaS and software vendors into a single dashboard. The VendorHawk Discovery report gives you a clear and comprehensive view of your SaaS stack, showing you duplicate applications, Shadow IT purchases, wasted spend, and security threats in one place.

Spend by Department

We don’t leave you in the dark on the details. VendorHawk will group SaaS and software vendor spend by department to spark better conversations with budget holders, driving collaboration and ownership across your SaaS stack. With VendorHawk, you have real-time visibility into SaaS spend reported by vendor, product, and department.

Spend by Department

Spend by Category and Overlapping Apps

We've made wasting money easy to avoid. By returning discovery results based on app category we can show you overlapping applications based on their use. There is no reason for an organization to be paying for two, three, or four video conferencing tools. Discover SaaS and Software overlap with ease.

Spend by Category

Discovery Automation

Powered by machine learning, VendorHawk Discovery automates a process that previously wasted weeks of your team's time. VendorHawk has categorized billions of dollars of software spend against our proprietary database of software vendors. You'll never have to comb through financial transactions again.

VendorHawk Products Discovered

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