SaaS License Optimization

The number of SaaS and Software applications you use is growing year after year—many companies are even running purely on SaaS apps. Every business has some form of SaaS license waste as companies are struggling to keep up and track the ever-increasing amount of SaaS licenses. Managing licenses ineffectively overexposes a company to data security and compliance risks—and financial implications.

VendorHawk’s SaaS License Optimization solution allows businesses to manage existing licenses and plan effectively for the future. Imagine saving time and money, while providing your organization with reliable data that can be used to make vital business decisions. VendorHawk is the one integrated platform where every stakeholder can view and manage licenses that are important to them and the apps they manage.

Real-Time Usage

SaaS usage data for each application and license is available in the admin dashboard. VendorHawk delivers deep usage insights that help you re-harvest and re-deploy licenses while avoiding wasted spend.

VendorHawk Usage Report

User Footprint

User Footprint reporting allows you to quickly see which applications each user has access to and assess individual user needs to make sure they are successful, and in compliance. VendorHawk License Optimization empowers you to make smart licensing decisions.

VendorHawk User Footprint

SSO License Utilization

Integrate your Okta instance with VendorHawk to sync a second stream of usage data. Compare direct-to-vendor usage data to help you see how well Okta has been adopted by your end users. VendorHawk helps you improve both your identity rollout along with all the apps you’re managing in Okta.

License Usage Analysis

Proprietary usage analysis, customized for each application, shows you who is or is not using their license in a meaningful way. The biggest mistake most companies make with SaaS license management is assuming user-level needs never changes. SaaS Usage Benchmark data confirms the opposite is true.

Under-Performing Dollars

VendorHawk shows “under-performing dollars” from stale licenses that could be used more efficiently. The next time someone asks you for new licenses, your SaaS License Utilization report will show you the best licenses to reallocate.

Deprovisioning Safety Net

VendorHawk gives you a deprovisioning safety net. When using an SSO tool it is easy to deprovision licenses, but it is not always easy to track if a user still has access at the app level or vice versa. VendorHawk makes sure you don't expose your business to access security threats.

VendorHawk Deprovisioning Safety Net

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