SaaS Renewal Strategy

Having a good SaaS renewal management strategy comes from a combination of planning, access to accurate information, and having the right people involved. As SaaS becomes even more widespread, managing an increasing number of vendors means you’re dealing with constant renewals.

Automated renewal reminders initiated at 30, 60, 90, and 120-day intervals provide your business the time needed to make a smart renewal decision—well in advance of your renewal deadlines. Set the reminder and have all the right stakeholders notified. Renewal campaigns mobilize all the stakeholders and put you in the driver’s seat as you approach renewal time. Say goodbye to those accident auto-renewals.

SaaS Renewal Management View

Your different SaaS subscriptions require varying amounts of lead time and coordination as renewals approach. The VendorHawk SaaS Renewal Management view gives every stakeholder a view of what’s important to them, making it easy to visually manage the entire set of vendors and edit them within the same view. We’ve combined the bird’s eye view with the flexibility to make changes on the fly—helping you develop a SaaS renewal management strategy that works.

VendorHawk Upcoming Renewals

Automate Your SaaS Renewal Management

Automated renewal management reminders ensure stakeholders have time to prepare a vendor-specific renewal strategy and never miss a renewal again. Set up automated management reminders for stakeholders based on their specific vendor involvement. By involving budget owners, vendor owners, and other relevant stakeholders, your team is armed with the data necessary to make critical business decisions.

VendorHawk Renewal Reminder

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