SaaS Vendor Management

Manage your SaaS vendor contracts, licenses, and renewals with confidence, all within a single, integrated platform.

SaaS Vendor Management

A complete inventory helps you manage software contract lifecycles with monthly, annual, and underperforming spend reports. Vendor-level views of current and forecasted spend, real-time usage data, renewal reminders, urgency scores, and an activity log help you capture all changes in the contract duration.

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SaaS Contracts

SaaS and software contracts easily become buried in emails and on desktops. Centralized product details, agreement terms, notes, and custom fields in a single location simplifies contract management. Unlimited document storage and secure contract ingestion transfer all key data. VendorHawk tracks pricing drivers, license types, and any custom fields across your SaaS vendor stack. Have increased visibility, control, and peace of mind when it comes to managing your SaaS vendors.

VendorHawk SaaS Vendor Agreement Terms

Role-based Access

As companies grow, so does the complexity of SaaS vendor management. Role-based access makes it easier to work collaboratively across departments. VendorHawk brings everyone together on the same page, driving collaboration and ownership to effectively manage SaaS and Software vendors, as well as plan for renewals and create a renewal management strategy. Set up automated renewal reminders for unique users and never be surprised by another renewal.

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